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What is Scripted?

Scripted is a freelance marketplace that connects businesses with a pool of writers. Scripted promises businesses will spend less time searching for quality freelance writers because of the platform’s rigorous application process. In order to access Scripted’s writers, businesses must pay a membership fee, which starts at $199/month. Content costs are not disclosed.

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How Scripted Works

Scripted requires a monthly payment to access the platform in addition to a fee for each piece of content the client requests. Let’s breakdown the steps necessary to get content through Scripted. 

Setting Up Your Membership

Scripted is a membership-based platform and it does not offer a free plan. Businesses sign up by selecting one of three plans with a monthly fee between $199 and $1,299, which grants them access to the Scripted dashboard and its pool of freelance writers. 

The Self-Serve Basic plan and Self-Serve Premium plan are each paid monthly, while the Cruise Control plan is paid annually. Some plans include content credits, although there is no indication of how much content those credits cover. 

Requesting Content

From inside the dashboard, clients can request content using one of two methods: Proposals or SmartMatch.

  • Proposals: If a client chooses to accept proposals for their project, they’ll have to wait for writers to submit a proposal and then they can select a writer out of whatever freelancers respond to their request.
  • SmartMatch: If a client chooses SmartMatch, their content request will be sent to writers who have categorized themselves into the client’s industry. The first writer to claim a SmartMatch project gets to work on it, making it a first-come, first-serve system.

Scripted does not disclose whether or not a client can reject or change their writer once the writer has been added to a project. 

Writing Process 

Scripted sets a default turnaround time of 72 hours regardless of a project’s length or scope. Once the project is in progress, the writer will reference the content brief and any other materials the client provides to create the first draft.

Throughout the project, the client and writer can communicate using Scripted’s messaging system. All messages are tied to individual projects, which can make it difficult to find and refer back to old messages.

Editing Process 

Scripted grants certain writers the role of “Editor,” meaning they can choose to edit other writers’ work for a small payout. Scripted does not disclose whether editing is a tier-specific perk or something a client can select/deselect for each project.

If a project does pass through the editing phase, the editor has 24 hours to either send it through to the client for review or send it back to the writer if it doesn’t adhere to the content brief. Once sent back, the writer gets 24 hours to address the editor’s comments and then it goes back to the editor for a second proofread before being passed to the client. 

In total, the editing process could add 2-3 days to the project before the client receives the first draft. 

Revisions & Refunds

Clients have a set number of days to review the content their writer submits to them. If changes are needed, they can leave comments and send the project back to the writer. “Self-Serve Basic” clients are granted up to two revision rounds while higher tiers get a total of three revision rounds. 

Writers are granted 24 hours to complete each round of revisions, although it may take 48 hours or more for the client to receive the revised content if an editor is assigned to the project. We could not find specific information on whether or not a client must pay for content if they reject it.

Scripted Pricing

Scripted gives clients three membership tiers to choose from. Content costs are not included in any of Scripted’s plans, but they do include “content credits” from time to time. 

Self-Serve Basic

For $199/month, the Self-Serve Basic plan grants you access to the Scripted platform and its writers with a simple, self-managed account. Scripted describes this plan as “Best for 2-4 monthly content pieces,” but Scripted’s policies confirm that there are no minimum ordering requirements for their Self-Serve plans. 

Self-Serve Basic clients receive two revision rounds along with email and chat support. Scripted also mentions $199 in content credits, but it’s unclear if those credits are one-time or recurring. Scripted also fails to disclose the cost of content, so it’s unknown how many content pieces can be purchased with that credit.

Self-Serve Premium

For $349/month, Self-Serve Premium is also a self-managed account, which Scripted says is “Best for 5-10 monthly content pieces.” This plan provides one more revision than the Self-Serve Basic plan, bringing the total to three rounds of revisions per project.

Self-Serve Premium clients unlock 24/7 phone support in addition to the chat and email support found on the previous tier. Scripted also lists “Quarterly Content Strategy” and “SEO Performance Reporting,” though they fail to go into detail about those services. Lastly, this plan provides $100 in content credits, but it’s still unclear if that is a one-time or recurring offer.


What used to be Cruise Control for $1,299/month is now the Enterprise plan for $2,500/month. This fully-managed solution provides a dedicated account manager who will create a content calendar for each client and manage its execution. 

At $30,000/year, this plan represents a substantial investment—and that doesn’t even include the cost of content. Businesses will need to contact the sales team at Scripted if they’re interested in this plan. 

Content Costs

Scripted does not disclose the cost of content, but they appear to charge per project based on length and other factors.

Refund Policy

Scripted does not specifically state its refund policies for membership fees or content costs in its Terms of Use. Those terms simply state: “Non-use of service does not constitute cancellation of service and refunds will not be issued for non-use.” 

This means you must deliberately cancel your plan if you no longer need the service (they will not automatically pause your subscription for you) and you will not receive a refund simply because you forgot to cancel before your plan renewed for the month.

Scripted Pros and Cons

Every platform has its perks, so let’s go through the pros and cons of using Scripted. 

Advantages of Using Scripted

  • Credits: Monthly content credits are advertised with the Self-Serve Basic and Self-Serve Premium plans, which help cover the cost of membership (assuming that they are recurring credits and not one-time incentives).
  • Bundled features: SEO performance monitoring is bundled into the Self-Serve Premium and Cruise Control plans, although it’s unclear what exactly this service covers.
  • Free trials: Free trials have been available in the past, but it looks like the only remaining option is a 30-day free trial for Cruise Control. If that’s the service you’re interested in, it’s worth taking it for a spin.

Disadvantages of Using Scripted

  • Unclear value: Being a marketplace with a self-service model, Scripted’s biggest disadvantage is that you don’t get a whole lot of bang for your buck. You’re paying to use a platform with freelance writers you can find elsewhere. In fact, you can browse all of Scripted’s writers without a membership, and most of them have a link to a website where you can hire them directly and get the same content without extra fees.
  • Undisclosed costs: If you are looking for a fully-managed solution, Scripted’s Cruise Control service looks great on paper, but with a 12-month membership commitment of over $15,500 up-front and undisclosed content costs, it’s a gamble.
  • No transparency: Scripted’s lack of transparency when it comes to both content costs and refund policies is unfortunate. They also fail to describe advertised features in-depth—like what SEO performance monitoring actually includes—making it difficult to discern the real value of Scripted’s services.

Scripted Reviews

Now that you know all there is to know about signing up, requesting content, and working with Scripted, here’s a look at what everyone else has to say about it. These user reviews were published on third-party websites like G2 where Scripted has an average of 3.0 out of 5.0 from 38 reviews.

Positive: Highly Responsive Team

“Scripted has enabled us to scale up our content generation and content marketing activities at a relatively low cost. The team at Scripted have worked collaboratively with us to understand what we need out of their product and are very responsive and engaging,” says one Scripted reviewer

“The client reps are kind, ready to help and communicative to ensure the writing guidelines are clear and precise. I’m impressed with the variety of experts they have in their pool of writers — and their flexibility to produce high-quality content with a much faster turnaround than other services I’ve used,” says Jeremy, who gives Scripted five stars.

Negative: Service Interruptions

Scripted is continuously trying to improve its client interface, which is good news for users. But, it has caused some confusion and inconvenience along the way.

“[I] was always happy with their service, then they pushed us to sign up for an annual contract, saying it would save us money and we’d get free blogs (which wasn’t true, it’s a credit that barely covers the cost of one blog) and then three months later they changed their entire platform, turning what took 15 minutes in the past into a 1-2 week process…” one reviewer explains. 

Other reviewers said the updates can cause service interruptions, but overall they’re happy with the service. For instance, this five-star reviewer says: “Sometimes there are technical glitches and errors on the website that prevent me from submitting requests.”

“There have been some hiccups in communication and errors with new upgrades to the site, but I feel the Scripted team has worked hard to try and fix those issues and make sure we’re satisfied,” adds another reviewer who gave the platform four stars.

Suggestion: Metrics and Reports

One thing Scripted does not offer is a reporting tool. Clients must identify and track metrics on their own when it comes to critical numbers like when content sees the most interaction and what topics and lengths out-perform others. Reviewers say even the addition of simple traffic reports would be useful. 

“The inclusion of a data analytics function similar to Google Analytics would be great,” writes Tony, who is very satisfied with the platform overall. The lack of these metrics means clients have to piece information together from a third-party and use it to inform their content orders going forward.

Scripted Alternatives

Clients who choose Scripted likely do so for its self-service approach, which is ideal for individuals and small businesses who want a hands-on method of directing their content. For others, there are many Scripted alternatives to consider.


CopyPress starts every client off with a content strategy call where they’ll create a content plan for your business that utilizes their writers, editors, and design team. The biggest downside? CopyPress doesn’t offer any information about pricing until you finish the sales call. Read the full review ⟶


ContentFly makes no attempt at frills or thrills. This simplistic, turnkey writing service saves businesses time by automatically assigning writers to their projects. Plus, pricing is transparent right from the start. Every cent you pay goes towards your content and pricing starts at $300/month. Read the full review ⟶


Jacksyn is a customizable subscription service that allows you to choose the exact services your business needs. With transparent content costs and plans starting at $199/month, Jacksyn is flexible enough to fit small companies but powerful enough to support enterprise-level content production. Read the full review ⟶

Writing for Scripted

Scripted is a well-established platform and it offers a legitimate way to make money writing from home, but it still takes time to find the best writing platforms for your schedule and skillset. Luckily, many of the reviews on G2 and other sites were posted by freelancers, which gives you a glimpse into what writing for Scripted is like.

“I’ve written for Scripted for about seven months. It’s been a great experience. I’ve become certified in SEO, as well as created some fun and/or interesting content. What’s really nice is when customers come back again and again because they like the work. It’s a good way to make some income. The higher you’re ranked, the more you can make,” writes Linda.

“If you’re a reliable, favored and quality writer, then Scripted staff will often invite you to bid on specific projects and/or directly assign you to projects. It’s important to have a detailed profile so that they know your areas of expertise and interest,” says Michelle, who’s using the platform to supplement her income. 

While writer pay is not disclosed by Scripted, individual sources say they make between 8 and 10 cents per word, which is standard for the industry. 

Jacksyn vs. Scripted

Scripted is a large marketplace boasting thousands of freelance writers whose expertise spans 37 industries. That’s great if you’re looking to hire a freelance writer—but, then again, why pay $199 to access Scripted just to work with freelancers that you can hire directly for less? 

We aren’t trying to dismiss what Scripted offers. After all, the writer application process, client reviews, and user rankings are a big help in narrowing down your options when hiring a freelance writer. Still, we find it hard to find the value–most of all because Scripted itself fails to clearly define its services and benefits.

If there is one thing that concerns us about Scripted, it’s how much transparency they lack when it comes to everything from the cost of content to the supposed features they bundle into plans. Our biggest question left unanswered is how they back their “100% quality guarantee” when we couldn’t even find a refund policy on their site.

You already know how we feel on this one. We suggest that anyone looking for a self-service option finds a platform that’s free to use or, better yet, hires writers directly at a fraction of the cost. Meanwhile, we believe Jacksyn is a more transparent, more flexible, and more valuable solution for businesses with routine content needs.

If you find value in a semi-managed approach with the ability to customize a subscription that will evolve with your needs, look no further. Explore all of our features to see why Jacksyn is Content’s Best Friend.™


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