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Over 1.4 billion cars drive our roads.

Globally, it’s estimated that over 1.4 billion cars and light trucks traverse the planet (and that’s not counting off-road vehicles or heavy machinery). So, whether you’re manufacturing parts, selling cars, servicing vehicles, or otherwise involved in the automotive industry, there are plenty of customers to reach.

Our automotive writers can help you connect with your audience, whether you’re targeting classic car enthusiasts; offering buying guides and safety reports for consumers; or doing anything in between.

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About 8 in 10 adults make routine visits.

The latest data from the CDC shows that more than 8 in 10 adults have talked to their doctor or another health care provider in the past 12 months. With the rise of telehealth, the goal is to make quality healthcare even more accessible.

Our writers hold knowledge in a variety of healthcare niches, including insurance, senior services, and orthodontics. Whatever your niche, we can help your brand connect with new patients and sustain relationships using accurate and compassionate content.

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IT & Security

Over 30,000 sites were hacked today.

Around the world, an average of 30,000 websites are hacked every day, emphasizing why cybersecurity is one of the most essential activities in the IT industry (and one of the biggest niches we cover).

Alongside security, we recognize the importance of IT infrastructure, reporting, and consulting–all of which top the list of leading niches on our platform. If you’re looking for comprehensive content written by industry experts, look no further.

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Marketing & Advertising

Content marketing wins out.

If a customer’s journey through the sales funnel begins with educational content, they’re 131% more likely to make a purchase. In Conductor’s survey, 84% of respondents given the choice of four brands chose the brand that published educational content. What’s more, 73% felt that brand was trustworthy.

These statistics only begin to showcase the power of content marketing, and content marketing is just one of many niches under the umbrella of marketing and advertising. With our focus on strategic content, we know an awful lot about this powerful industry and we’re excited to help your agency grow.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting is outsourced the most.

About 37% of small businesses that outsource choose to send accounting activities off-site. Of those, the majority of businesses say they’re seeking better talent and/or access to advanced technology. The rise of outsourcing is great news for virtual accountants and bookkeepers, but we know that there are far more players in the industry.

Maybe you’re a SaaS company or other financial software provider targeting businesses, or a consulting firm specializing in advanced analytics. In any case, we can help you reach new heights with the help of our industry experts.

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Personal Finance

Most users have 2+ financial apps.

According to Google, the average smartphone user has more than two financial apps installed on their phone. They also found that the majority (60%) of smartphone users would rather use a financial app than access a mobile website to check on investments. All of that represents a great change in how consumers are handling their finances.

Whether you’re building financial apps, offering investment advice, sorting our tax deductions, or otherwise helping people conquer their financial health, our talented writers can help you bring your ideas to life.

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Retail & eCommerce

86% will pay more for a better CX.

Customer experience (CX) is now the key brand differentiator, surpassing price and product. Today, 86% of shoppers say they’ll pay more–up to 18% more–to get a better shopping experience. In response, brands are continuously striving to set themselves apart by offering memorable, personalized service.

Shifting consumer priorties are impacting every facet of the retail and eCommerce industry, from retailers themselves down to wholesalers, software providers, and logistics companies. We can help your brand stand out and create the fantastic experience your clients are seeking.

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