How It Works

You're three steps away from better content.

We give you the freedom to design and modify your plan over time. Plus, we match you with a brand assistant to keep things running smoothly.

Design your subscription.

Build upon our platform’s core features to create your brand’s ideal content solution. Select and remove add-ons anytime you need to, and move forward with confidence knowing that Jacksyn provides reliability with no need for long-term commitments.


Gain recognition, build authority, and delight your customers.


White label services so you can impress your business clients.

Onboard your brand.

Once you’ve activated your plan, we’ll launch you into the onboarding flow. This is when we get to know your brand, understand your needs, and select the best assistant and creators to support your goals. You’ll also be introduced to your workspace and toolkit as we show you how to make the most of your custom solution.


Introduce Your Brand

Don’t be shy! Now is the time to tell us all there is to know about your brand. We’ll take the information you give us and use it to create a custom style guide to inform your creators.


Meet Your Team

As you get to know your assistant, you’ll learn how they can help you meet your content goals. In the meantime, they’ll be handpicking and introducing you to the best creators for your team.


Explore Your Toolkit

Get to know the tools, tips, and processes that will help make your content plan a success. Once you’re all set up, invite your coworkers to your workspace and start collaborating.

Start collaborating.

Whether you invite your colleagues to join your workspace or take things on solo, we strive to offer a streamlined experience for every project. The collaboration process will look different depending on whether you opt for semi-managed or fully-managed, but you’ll always have plenty of support either way.


You run the show with the help of your dedicated assistant.

Collaborate Effortlessly — Your assistant will design a brand style guide, handpick writers for your projects, and make sure your content flows on schedule.


Your dedicated strategist and assistant run the show for you.

Publish Hands-Free — Your strategist will research keywords and competitors; create and manage your content strategy; and oversee all projects.

Your content deserves personalized assistance.

With Jacksyn, you’re never on your own. See how we’ve reinvented writing services to support your brand from the ground-up.