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ClearVoice review

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Is ClearVoice Legitimate?

If you’re searching for a content marketing solution, ClearVoice reviews are sure to pop up. This content marketing platform comes bundled with a talent network, but many users won’t appreciate the do-it-yourself approach to hiring. If you’re after some honest insight and an overview of the best ClearVoice alternatives, here’s an in-depth guide. 

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What is ClearVoice?

ClearVoice is not a service, but a platform. What makes ClearVoice unique is that the company provides software for business owners who need a place to manage their content marketing efforts. With the software set up, ClearVoice then connects business owners with a talent network. The platform also offers a fully-managed solution. Pricing is not disclosed. 

How ClearVoice Works

ClearVoice is a tech platform bundled with a talent network. Here is how ClearVoice works along with a behind-the-scenes look at its project management toolkit. 

Setting Up Your Account

ClearVoice is a closed platform, which means no user can create an account until they schedule a consultation with the sales team. During this consultation, the team will ask questions to understand the client’s industry, needs, and budget. The client will then be introduced to ClearVoice’s solutions, which include project management tools and a talent network.

ClearVoice will only provide information about pricing during or after the consultation, but they say that the consultation is free and there is no obligation to sign up if ClearVoice isn’t the right fit. While pricing is kept private, G2 shares that there are three account types: Brand, Agency, and Managed. 

Creating a Brand Profile

Once registered, the first step in using ClearVoice is to create a brand profile. This profile contains a set of guidelines about the company’s requirements, including voice and style. Companies can upload any supporting assets they have available, such as a brand book or customer personas. These guidelines will be shared with any talent the company chooses to hire through ClearVoice.

ClearVoice also offers an Agency account, which allows multiple brand profiles to be housed in one dashboard. When creating a new campaign, users can select from their saved brand profiles. This speeds up the process of campaign creation, especially for marketing agencies that are working with multiple brands. 

Searching for Talent

Without the talent network, ClearVoice would simply be a software platform. Businesses who don’t have a team of marketers, writers, and editors will need to use the talent network to find some. Searching the talent network is similar to finding a freelancer on Upwork or another hiring site, except it’s integrated with ClearVoice’s software. Each freelance has a resume and profile that clients can review.

The talent network is organized across 200 categories and expands beyond writers to include voice talent, videographers, and graphic designers. While browsing, clients can invite freelancers to submit a pitch or accept an assignment. Messaging tools help freelancers and clients communicate without leaving the platform. 

Because ClearVoice is merely the middleman between freelancers and businesses, they do not set standard rates. Instead, each freelancer is responsible for setting their own rate, which may vary depending on the project. This can make predicting costs and managing your content budget difficult. 

Collaborating on Projects

The collaborative workflow, which ClearVoice refers to as Teamlancing, helps large companies keep the ball rolling. Even with multiple campaigns, the dashboard allows for an orderly, at-a-glance view of all active projects. A summary of action items, messages, and new activity is shown to each user when they login so they can get right to work. 

Every campaign is housed within the ClearVoice dashboard where collaborative tools help things along. A business can add multiple users to their ClearVoice account and grant each one permissions that allow them to create new assignments. These users can also review and approve assignments, and leave comments that the entire team can see. 

ClearVoice Plans & Pricing

ClearVoice does not disclose pricing, but there are three account types to choose from. 

Brand Account

A business interested in using ClearVoice for project management and/or to find freelancers would be signing up under a brand account. This type of account allows a company to create a brand profile to reflect its own voice and requirements. The brand can then invite some members of its own team to collaborate on campaigns with freelancers.

Agency Account

Media relations and marketing agencies that work with multiple brands would need an agency account on the ClearVoice platform. An agency account allows for a single company to create multiple brand profiles for each client they work with. Multiple campaigns can then be created to separate assignments for different clients.

Managed Account

Businesses that require a fully-managed content marketing solution will want to ask ClearVoice about the managed option during their consultation. The managed account will assign a dedicated ClearVoice employee to the client’s account. That employee will help create a brand profile, manage campaigns, and assign freelancers to projects. Essentially, this creates a hands-off solution for the business. 

Content Costs

In addition to a monthly or annual fee, ClearVoice users will also need to pay for each piece of content they request. However, content costs are not disclosed. Because ClearVoice acts as a middleman between businesses and freelancers, it’s safe to assume that each freelancer sets their own rates. Pricing will vary depending on the freelancer’s experience and the project’s requirements.

Refund Policy

ClearVoice does not publish a refund policy for platform fees, nor do they publish a refund policy for working with freelancers. Revisions are not discussed either, but it’s safe to assume that the number of revisions a client is entitled to will vary from one freelancer to the next. 

ClearVoice Pros and Cons

ClearVoice is a powerful software solution, but that isn’t what every business needs. Here’s a look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of Using ClearVoice

  • Collaborative: ClearVoice’s approach to collaboration is a big step in the right direction, particularly for businesses who struggle to get team members on the same page. Consistency and communication are essential to effective marketing. 
  • Scalable: ClearVoice targets large companies and enterprises, so it makes sense that they talk a lot about scalability. It’s unlikely that your team will outgrow ClearVoice’s solution. 
  • Multiple Formats: The talent network includes professionals across over 200 categories, which allows businesses to find graphic designers, voiceover artists, and everyone in between. 

Disadvantages of Using ClearVoice

  • Hidden Pricing: By far, the biggest downside of the ClearVoice platform is that they do not publish pricing. You have to sit down and talk with the team before they’ll even provide a glimpse into how much the solution costs.
  • Software-First: ClearVoice is a software-first solution, which is great for a business that wants to bring their own team and incorporate it into their daily workflow, but less valuable if you just need content. 
  • Hands-On Hiring: While the talent network is large, it is only a slight step above using a freelance marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork, and those alternatives are completely free. Without any standardized fees or delivery schedules, hiring on ClearVoice will take extra effort. 

ClearVoice Reviews

ClearVoice averages four out of five stars on G2 with about 23 reviews. Here’s a look at what reviewers have to say about ClearVoice.

Positive: Great Coordination

“ClearVoice is the total package when it comes to centralizing all of your content creation and revisions processes while also giving you direct access to a large library of specialist writers,” says Marc, Director of Marketing at a small business.

“Work with the support team if you can’t find a good writer pretty early in your process — they can help you get with someone who knows your topic and if you’re happy with that person, you can rehire them for additional jobs in the future. It’ll save you a lot of time to do this from the outset,” suggests another reviewer, who gives the platform four stars.

Negative: Difficult Interface

Most negative points center on the platform’s long learning curve and how technical bugs can add unnecessary time to the hiring and collaboration process. 

“Figuring out how to do things have taken some time, like learning how to have a freelancer sign up for CV so that I can assign something specifically to them, instead of sending it out to the Marketplace. Also, there was a glitch with her accepting her most recent assignment – had to email the help desk,” says a client who gives the platform four stars overall. 

When asked what they dislike, one reviewer says: “The little quirky things that don’t work. I’ve sent a list and reviewed it with the team. It’s a newer platform, so it’s going to have some quirks.” Another adds, “You hit a couple bugs here and there, but it is never business stopping.”

Suggestion: Better Organization

Most reviewers say they’re handling a large volume of content through ClearVoice, which means good organization is paramount to working efficiently. “I wish there were multiple ways to organize the content. Something like tags, authors, etc,” says Matthew, who is VP of a small business. 

Other reviewers say organization and communication challenges can stand in the way of getting a finished piece of content. “I wish there were more revisions built into the cost. Some writers don’t seem to pay close attention to all of the notes within the assignment, leaving more work on my end for the cost,” says Dylan

ClearVoice Alternatives

ClearVoice bundles powerful software with a network of professional content creators. Businesses who struggle to manage and oversee marketing campaigns will like that they can find freelancers and collaborative tools in one place. Here’s a look at some ClearVoice alternatives that may meet your needs better.


CopyPress starts every client off with a content strategy call where they’ll create a content plan for your business that utilizes their writers, editors, and design team. The biggest downside? CopyPress doesn’t offer any information about pricing until you finish the sales call. Read the full review ⟶


Scripted offers a self-service plan for businesses that wish to hire their own writers from the platform’s pool of proven talent. They also allow businesses to ask for content ideas or, if you want a fully-managed solution, you can opt for Cruise Control, which starts at $999/month.  Read the full review ⟶


Jacksyn is a customizable subscription service that allows you to choose the exact services your business needs. With transparent content costs and plans starting at $199/month, Jacksyn is flexible enough to fit small companies but powerful enough to support enterprise-level content production. Read the full review ⟶

Jacksyn vs. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a powerful software solution, particularly for large companies that want to migrate their in-house team to a new project management platform. If that’s the case, having the talent network bundled in will likely prove convenient, as it means both internal and external creatives can stay in one place. However, the platform lacks transparency and standardization, which could prove challenging.  

At Jacksyn, we strive to be as transparent as possible while making the collaboration process simple for growing businesses. Whether you want to dive in and invite your own team to start brainstorming ideas, or you’d prefer our fully-managed content strategy service, Jacksyn has a little something for everyone. Plus, you can customize your subscription to meet your changing needs and maximize your content budget. 

Interested in learning more about how Jacksyn is reimagining content marketing? Explore our services and learn why Jacksyn is Content’s Best Friend.™


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